Appendix A. LWP Modules

While the text of this book has covered the LWP modules that you need to know about to get things done, there are many additional modules in LWP. Most of them are behind the scenes or have limited use that we couldn’t spare the space to discuss. But if you want to further your knowledge of LWP’s internals, here’s a roadmap to get you started.

These are the LWP modules, listed alphabetically, from the CPAN distributions most current at time of writing, libwww-perl v5.64, URI v1.18, HTML-Parser v3.26, HTML-Tree v3.11, and HTML-Format v1.23. Especially noteworthy modules have an “*” in front of their names.




Module for parsing directory listings. Used by Net::FTP.


Class for objects representing HTML forms.


Class for objects that can render HTML::TreeBuilder tree contents as PostScript.


Internal base class for HTML::FormatPS and HTML::FormatText.


Class for objects that can render HTML::TreeBuilder tree contents as plain text.


Useful module providing functions that &-encode/decode strings (such as C. & E. Brontë to and from C. & E. Brontë).


Deprecated class for HTML parsers that reproduce their input by default.


Parse <HEAD> section of an HTML document.


Class for HTML parsers that parse out links.


Semi-internal base class used by HTML::TokeParser.


Friendly token-at-a-time HTML pull-parser ...

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