Chapter 36. Special Variables

The alternative names for special variables are provided by the standard module English.

The following variables are global and should be localized in subroutines:


Alternative: $ARG.

The default input, output, and pattern-searching space.


Alternatives: $INPUT_LINE_NUMBER, $NR.

The current input line number of the last filehandle that was read. Reset only when the filehandle is closed explicitly.



The string that separates input records. Default value is a newline.



The output field separator for the print functions. Default value is an empty string.


Alternative: $LIST_SEPARATOR.

The separator that joins elements of arrays interpolated in strings. Default value is a single space.



The output record separator for the print functions. Default value is an empty string.


The output format for printed numbers. Deprecated. Use printf instead.


Set to 1 to do multiline matching within strings. Deprecated; see the m and s modifiers.


Alternative: $CHILD_ERROR.

The status returned by the last ` . . . ` command, pipe close, wait, waitpid, or system function.


The Perl version number, e.g., 5.006. See also $^V.


The index of the first element in an array or list, and of the first character in a substring. Default is zero. Deprecated. Do not use.



The subscript separator for multidimensional ...

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