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Photo Inspiration: Secrets Behind Stunning Images

Book Description

The inspiration you need to help improve your photography skills

Well-known for their stunning world-class photography, 1x.com has worked with their most talented photographers to handpick 100 awe-inspiring images and provided the back-story and photographer's secrets that helped capture them. This book presents you with inspiration as well as underlying techniques that can help improve your photography skills immediately.

  • Shares behind-the-scene stories of the featured photos from the photographers themselves, from their artistic vision to the technical details that went into each shot

  • Offers clear, concise, and accessible descriptions for the ideas, vision, performance, setup, location, equipment, camera settings, lighting diagrams, and image editing methods of each amazing photo

Photo Inspiration provides a unique combination of the final photograph with the tools and knowledge that made it possible, all of which are aimed at helping you meet your photographic potential.

Table of Contents

  1. Abstract
    1. Sunrise
    2. Carousel of the Drop
    3. Spoon and Forks
    4. Coastlines
    5. Time Travelers
    6. Distant Galaxy
  2. Action
    1. I Feel So Small
    2. Pink Panther
    3. Freedom
    4. Finished
    5. Surfer
  3. Architecture
    1. Patches of Light
    2. “Y”
    3. Working in the Future
    4. En Attendant Godot
    5. Helical Stair
  4. Children
    1. Autumn
    2. World’s Best Father: 4th of July
    3. The Autumn Has Come
    4. Expanding the Horizon of Imagination
    5. Rain Painting
    6. Let Us Sing
    7. Showertime
  5. Documentary
    1. Where Am I?
    2. The Man and the Sulphur
    3. Luggage Carrier
    4. Train
    5. Old Memories
    6. Big Sister
    7. Sleeping Beauty
  6. Editing
    1. Motion of the Runner
    2. Me, Myself, and I
    3. Paris...
    4. Magic of the Season
    5. The Abyss
    6. Choose Your Destiny
    7. Silent Song
    8. Get High and Fly
    9. Her Very Highness Returns Back Home
    10. Soul Mirror
  7. Landscape
    1. Crystal Cave
    2. Moonlight
    3. Cherry Trees
    4. Autumn Interlude
    5. The Court of Heaven: “A Galley’s Last Stand”
    6. Guardians of the Glens
    7. Defeated by the Sea
    8. Painting of Nature
    9. Reflected Ruins
    10. Engulfed
    11. Glacier Anayet
    12. Wallberg Chapel
    13. Settlers
    14. Skye Island
  8. Macro
    1. The Optician
    2. Thirsty Ladybug
    3. On the Other Side
    4. World of Ants
  9. Nature
    1. I’ll Never Speak to You Again
    2. Breath
    3. Who Are You?
    4. The Edge
    5. Anemone Shrimp
    6. Panning
    7. How to Eat a Raw Worm
    8. The Feather
    9. Silly Walk
  10. Night
    1. Singapore, the City of Lights
    2. Midnight
    3. Pick Me Up
    4. Thunderbolt Over the Sea
    5. Midnight Blue
    6. Prometheus
    7. Convergence
    8. Caddy Camper
  11. People
    1. Life Is Beautiful
    2. Katya
    3. Butterfly
    4. On the Lam
    5. Nude Photography
    6. The Raven
    7. Emma and Chris
  12. Still Life
    1. Sugar…?
    2. Water Balloon
    3. Cut
    4. Playing Chess
    5. Burning
  13. Street
    1. The Little Man
    2. Curiosity
    3. Run for Cover
    4. Coffee
    5. Metro Musician
    6. Allegory of a Dream