Photographic Possibilities, 2nd Edition

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Photographic Possibilities, Second Edition continues to provide a reliable source of techniques and ideas for the use of alternative and contemporary photographic processes that photographers have come to depend on. Professional photographers and advanced students seeking to increase their skills will discover modern and classic methods of creating and manipulating images. This practical guide integrates technical methods with the aesthetic outcome. It offers readers clear, step-by-step instructions on historic and on contemporary processes that integrate both the technical information and the aesthetic inspiration needed to create outstanding photographs.

This new expanded edition concisely covers the most significant new products, processes, and issues that have effected the practice during the past decade. Two new chapters are exclusively devoted to digital photography, covering the history of digital imaging as well as the latest techniques and practices. Also included is an in-depth discussion on the copyright, which deals with the ethical and conceptual issues surrounding digital imaging that are rapidly changing the world of photography.

Table of contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Preface
  8. 1. Why We Make Photographs: Ideas and History That Affect Photographic Printmaking
    1. The Language of Photography
    2. Early Printmaking Modifications
    3. Modern Approaches in Printmaking
    4. Having a Sense of History
    5. Roles Photography Can Play
    6. Questions
    7. Additional Information
  9. 2. Safety
    1. Basic Safety Procedures
    2. Contact Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities
    3. Disposing of Chemistry
    4. Protecting Yourself and Your Computer
    5. Additional Information
  10. 3. Special-Use Films and Processing
    1. Film and the Photographer
    2. General Working Procedures for Film Processing
    3. Kodak High Speed Infrared Film 2481 and 4143
    4. Extended Red Sensitivity Film: Ilford SFX 200
    5. Kodak Recording Film
    6. Additional Methods to Heighten Grain and Contrast
    7. Kodak Technical Pan Roll Films
    8. Ilford PAN F PLUS Ultra-Fine Grain B/W Film 37
    9. Kodak Professional B/W Duplicating Film SO-132
    10. High-Contrast Litho Films
    11. Other Graphic Arts Films
    12. High-Speed Films: Kodak T-MAX P3200 and Ilford Delta 3200 Professional
    13. Paper Negatives and Positives
    14. Reversing Black-and-White Film
    15. Film for Classic Cameras
    16. Processing Black-and-White Film for Permanence
    17. Polaroid Instant Films
    18. Additional Information
  11. 4. Formulas of Your Own
    1. Prepared Formulas versus Mixing Your Own
    2. Basic Equipment
    3. Chemicals
    4. Preparing Formulas
    5. Additional Information
  12. 5. Black-and-White Film Developers
    1. What Happens to Silver-Based Films during Exposure and Processing?
    2. Image Characteristics of Film
    3. Components and Characteristics of Black-and-White Developers
    4. Liquid versus Powder Chemistry
    5. Basic Developer Types
    6. Postdevelopment Processes
    7. Film Developer Formulas and Their Applications
    8. Why Bother?
    9. Additional Information
  13. 6. Analog Printmaking: Equipment, Materials, and Processes
    1. The Analog Printmaking Process
    2. Printing Equipment
    3. Standard Printing Materials
    4. Special Printing Materials
    5. Processing Prints for Permanence
    6. Additional Information
  14. 7. Black-and-White Paper Developers
    1. Paper versus Film Developers
    2. Components of Black-and-White Silver Print Developers
    3. Other Processing Factors
    4. Controlling Contrast during Development
    5. Matching Developer and Paper
    6. Developer Applications and Characteristics
    7. Other Paper Developer Formulas
    8. Additional Information
  15. 8. Toning for Visual Effects
    1. Processing Controls
    2. Basic Types of Toners
    3. Processing Prints to Be Toned
    4. General Working Procedures for Toners
    5. Brown Toners
    6. Blue Toners
    7. Red Toners
    8. Green Toners
    9. Toning Variations
    10. Additional Information
  16. 9. Special Cameras and Equipment
    1. What Is a Camera?
    2. Toy Cameras: The Diana and the Holga
    3. The Pinhole Camera
    4. Disposable Cameras
    5. Expanding the Angle of View
    6. Panoramic Cameras
    7. Sequence Cameras
    8. Special-Use Cameras
    9. Stereoscopic Photography
    10. Stroboscopic Photography
    11. Underwater Equipment and Protection
  17. 10. An Introduction to Some Widely Used Alternative Processes
    1. About Paper
    2. Cyanotype Process
    3. Kallitype and Vandyke Brownprint Processes
    4. Platinum and Palladium Processes
    5. Gum Bichromate Process
    6. Electrostatic Processes: Copy Machines
    7. Additional Information
  18. 11. Altering Photographic Concepts: Expansion of the Lexicon
    1. Hand-Altered Work
    2. Photograms
    3. Cliché-Verre
    4. Extended Camera Exposures
    5. Postcamera Techniques: In Search of Lost Time
    6. Multiple-Exposure Methods
    7. Fabrication: Making Things Happen for the Camera
    8. Composite Variations
    9. Processing Manipulation: Reticulation
    10. Hand-Coloring
    11. Airbrushing
    12. Transfers and Stencils
  19. 12. Photography and Computers
    1. What Is a Digital Computer?
    2. What Is a Digital Image?
    3. A Brief History of Digital Images: 1960 to 1998
    4. Why the Computer?
    5. Digital Ethics and Copyright
    6. Creating Digital Images
    7. Color Conversion/Color Matching
    8. Memory
    9. Software
    10. Major File Types
    11. Storage Media
    12. Digital Possibilities: Computer as Multimedia Platform
    13. Hypertext and the World Wide Web
    14. The End of the Wet Darkroom?
    15. Additional Information
  20. 13. Digital Input and Output
    1. What Is Digital Imaging?
    2. Input and Output
    3. Output Devices: Presenting the Digital Image
    4. Combining Digital and Traditional Techniques
    5. The Future of Digital Imagemaking and the Expressive Imagemaker
    6. Additional Information
  21. Index

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  • Title: Photographic Possibilities, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2001
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9781136090530