Chapter 2: Specifying Resolution and Changing Image Sizing

In This Chapter

arrow.png Understanding image attributes

arrow.png Sizing images

arrow.png Scaling images

arrow.png Setting print and screen resolutions

arrow.png Altering the size of the canvas

When you open a picture in Photoshop Elements, you’re looking at a huge mass of pixels. These pixels are tiny, colored squares, and the number of pixels in a picture determines the picture’s resolution. This relationship between pixels and resolution — important to understand in all your Elements work — relates to creating selections (as we explain in Book IV), printing files (Book IX, Chapter 2), and sharing files (Book IX, Chapter 3).

This chapter explains some essential points about resolution and image sizes and displaying images onscreen, especially in terms of the way these points affect how you end up modifying your images.

Examining Images Closely

Files you open in Elements are composed of thousands or even millions of tiny, square pixels. Each pixel has one, and only one, ...

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