Chapter 2: Getting It Printed

In This Chapter

arrow.png Preparing images for printing

arrow.png Adjusting your print settings

arrow.png Printing contact sheets and picture packages

arrow.png Using color profiles

arrow.png Printing color from different printers

arrow.png Taking advantage of online printing services

We live in an ever-changing world when it comes to technology and the way we consume content. When it comes to showing off your photos, you have many alternatives to printing pictures. You can, for example, show slide shows and photo collections on cellphones, tablet devices, laptops, and computer systems. Each of these methods, over time, becomes a low-cost alternative to purchasing printers, papers, and inks.

With the advent of the Apple iPad and many more tablet devices, you can find some superb mechanisms for displaying photo albums, slide shows, and individual pictures. All your data can be stored in the cloud (that is, on the ...

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