Chapter 11. MEGA-SKILL 4: "Viscerational" Thinking

"Man is not rational—merely capable of it."

Jonathan Swift

IN THE SLAPSTICK BROADWAY COMEDY A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Zero Mostel played the conniving Roman slave Pseudolus, who is devising a plot to win his freedom from his master, a young noble who has fallen in love with a courtesan who, unfortunately, has been sold to another man. If Pseudolus can broker a relationship between the two, he might be set free.

Centering on three adjacent houses, the plot spirals into an ever more frenzied complex of just-in-time episodes that become ever more likely to expose him. In one chaotic scene, Pseudolus' assistant, a slave aptly named Hysterium, begins to lose his composure and become—well, ...

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