Listed below is information about some of the larger commercial database vendors. Fraud examiners can shop various services to find the one that meets their needs in the most cost-effective manner. In some instances, it may be necessary to use more than one service to get an accurate and complete profile. These companies get their information from various sources and on various update schedules, so a search in any one database may return different results than a search done elsewhere.

Asset Locator and Business Background Check by KnowX

KnowX is a product of the LexisNexis Risk and Information Analytics Group, and it claims to be the most comprehensive source of public information on the Web. It offers easily navigable public records searches in various categories, including asset searches, adverse filings, property valuation, and people- and business-locator tools. Users can also verify licenses, conduct background checks, and look up a company's history.

Most importantly, users can run KnowX's business background check to uncover bankruptcies, judgments, lawsuits, liens, and UCC filings against a business with one search. In addition, KnowX's asset locator service enables users to locate assets such as real estate, aircraft, and watercraft with one search. KnowX can also be used to verify ownership and assess property value. KnowX can be found at


In one form or another, LexisNexis ...

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