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Andy Syrewicze and Richard SiddawayPro Microsoft Hyper-V 2019https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4116-5_16

16. Preparing for Disaster with Hyper-V Replica

Andy Syrewicze1  and Richard Siddaway2
Jenison, MI, USA
Baston, Lincolnshire, UK

Thus far, you’ve learned about setting up new workloads and migrating existing ones. You’ve learned methods to make your VMs resilient to failure and about configuration and troubleshooting methods. There is another handy feature that is baked into Hyper-V, namely, Hyper-V Replica. While failover clustering does a fantastic job of keeping your workloads running, by using the built-in high-availability features of Microsoft clustering, what if you’re in a situation in which ...

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