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Fernando Doglio, Pro REST API Development with Node.js, 10.1007/978-1-4842-0917-2_1

1. Rest 101

Fernando Doglio

(1)La Paz, Canelones, Uruguay

Nowadays, the acronym REST has become a buzzword, and as such, it’s being thrown into the digital wind very carelessly by a lot of tech people without fully understanding what it really means. Just because you can interact with a system using HTTP, and send JSON back and forth, doesn’t mean it’s a RESTful system. REST is a lot more than that—and that is what we’ll cover in this chapter.

Let’s start where it all began, with Roy Fielding’s paper, going over the main characteristics of his idea. I’ll try to explain the main aspects of it, the constraints he added and why. I’ll go over some ...

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