AC++ Interviews

Reading this book will surely give your C++ career a kick-start, but employers will want you to prove yourself before they offer the big bucks. Interview methodologies vary from company to company, yet many aspects of technical interviews are predictable. A thorough interviewer will want to test your basic coding skills, your debugging skills, your design and style skills, and your problem-solving skills. The set of questions you might be asked is quite large. In this appendix, you'll read about some of the different types of questions you may encounter and the best tactics for landing that high-paying C++ programming job you're after.

This appendix iterates through all chapters of the book, discussing the aspects of each chapter that are likely to come up in an interview situation. Each section also includes a discussion of the types of questions that could be designed to test those skills, and the best ways to deal with those questions.


A technical interview will often include some basic C++ questions to weed out the candidates who put C++ on their résumé simply because they've heard of the language. These questions might be asked during a phone screen, when a developer or recruiter calls you before bringing you in for an in-person interview. They could also be asked via e-mail or in person. When answering these questions, remember that the interviewer is just trying to establish that you've actually ...

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