Chapter 8

Enterprise: Authorization for Capital Expenditure


  • Understanding how users submit CAPEX expenditure authorizations for approval
  • Using the decision making and approval processes for CAPEX purchases
  • Enabling approvers and requesters to respond to purchases and make comments
  • Routing capital expenditure forms for approval based on project codes
  • Understanding how to change and add approvers and project codes to an authorization
  • Implementing validation to fields
  • Providing metrics for analysis
  • Maintaining a solid financial control on costs to the business
  • Understanding the complexities of CAPEX expenditure purchases to an organization

This chapter describes how to implement a capital expenditure (CAPEX) authorization workflow solution that is designed to allocate approved capital budget funds to projects. In this chapter you learn that intelligent workflow routing decisions can automatically occur depending on the project codes and the status of a CAPEX form.


CAPEX refers to any capital expenditures used to acquire physical assets in an organization such as land or buildings, and equipment for an office or to set up a manufacturing floor. Along with being related to the acquisition of new assets, CAPEX can also be associated with the decision to upgrade physical assets by making improvements or otherwise refurbishing the property or equipment.

CAPEX decisions, therefore, ultimately form a foundation for ...

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