Chapter 11. Operational Program Management Tools

The topic of Chapter 11 is program management tools of the operational nature, those that program managers need on a daily or frequent basis for managing a single program in collaboration with project managers on their core team. The operational tools are enabling devices for both program and project managers to reach an objective or, more specifically, a program deliverable. As stated in Chapter 10, the tools do not make decisions; program and project managers make the decisions using information provided by the tools. The operational program management tools, just like strategic program management tools, include systematic procedures and techniques by which they provide program information.

We explain the following operational program management tools in this chapter:

  • Program strike zone

  • Program map

  • P-I Matrix

  • Program review

  • Program dashboard

Most of these tools are used throughout the PLC. Two of the tools, the program dashboard and the program review, are also useful for senior management's use to evaluate multiple programs simultaneously under way in the organization.

The purpose of this chapter is to help practicing and prospective program and project managers, as well as other program stakeholders, achieve the following objectives:

  • Learn how to use major program management tools of the operational nature

  • Select program management tools that match their program situation

Mastering these skills is crucial to the management of a single program ...

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