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V. DomkinProgramming Algorithms in Lisphttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6428-7_3

3. A Crash Course in Lisp

Vsevolod Domkin1  
Kyiv, Ukraine

The introductory post for this book, unexpectedly, received quite a lot of attention, which is nice since it prompted some questions, and one of them I planned to address in this chapter.

I expect that there will be two main audiences for this book:
  • People who’d like to advance in algorithms and writing efficient programs—the major group

  • Lispers, either accomplished or aspiring, who also happen to be interested in algorithms

This chapter is intended primarily for the first group. After reading it, the rest of the Lisp code from the book should become understandable to you. Besides, you’ll ...

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