A Simple Process

Here’s a module that defines a function we’d like to run as a separate process.

defmodule​ SpawnBasic ​do
def​ greet ​do
IO.puts ​"Hello"

Yup, that’s it. There’s nothing special—it’s just regular code.

Let’s fire up iex and play:

iex>​ c(​"spawn-basic.ex"​)

First let’s call it as a regular function:

iex>​ SpawnBasic.greet

Now let’s run it in a separate process:

iex>​ spawn(SpawnBasic, :greet, [])

The spawn function kicks off a new process. It comes in many forms, but the two simplest ones let you run an anonymous function and run a named function in a module, passing a list of arguments. (We used the latter here.)

The spawn

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