Appendix B. Quick Reference Guide to the Gimp

This appendix serves as a quick tour of the many menus and dialog boxes of the Gimp. Each group of functions is described in brief, and information such as command key combinations for the various tools is provided where appropriate. It is organized in three sections:

  • Section 2.1, which describes the tools available in the floating toolbox (and from the <Image> Toolsmenu).

  • Section 2.2, which describes the menus accessible via the Toolbox and the functions associated with them.

  • Section 2.3, which describes the menus that are associated with an image window. This menu group is accessed by clicking the right mouse button within the image window.

The Gimp Toolbox

Each tool has a Tool Options dialog box associated with it that may be accessed by double-clicking on the tool’s icon in the Toolbox. These options vary from tool to tool; generally they provide access to parameters, or they may put the tool in different modes which affect its behavior.

The Selection Tools

All of the selection tools are operated in a similar manner. To start drawing a selection, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to define the selection area. To cancel a selection while drawing it, hold down the right mouse button while drawing and release the left button. To add to the existing selection, hold down the Shift key before drawing the selection.

To subtract from the current selection, hold down the Control key before drawing the selection.

To create ...

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