11Predicting the Impact

11.0 Evaluating the Impact of a Decision

Anybody can make a decision, but the hard part is making the right decision. Decision-makers often lack the skills in how to evaluate the results or impact of a decision. What the project manager believes was the correct decision may be viewed differently by the client and the stakeholders.

Part of decision making requires the project manager to predict how those impacted by the decision will react. Soliciting feedback prior to the implementation of the solution seems nice to do. But the real impact of the decision may not be known until after full implementation of the solution. As an example, as part of developing a new product, marketing informs the project manager that the competition has just come out with a similar product and marketing believes that we must add in some additional features into the product you are developing. The project team adds in a significant number of “bells and whistles” to the point where the product's selling price is higher than that of the competition and the payback period is now elongated. When the product was eventually launched, the consumer did not believe that the added features were worth the additional cost.

It is not always possible to evaluate or predict the impact of a decision when making a choice among alternatives. But soliciting feedback prior to full implementation is helpful.

11.1 Creating a Consequence Table

A useful tool for assisting in the selection of alternatives ...

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