APPENDIX BCommonly Used Project Finance Definitions

63‐20 Issuance.
State and local governments can issue tax‐exempt debt through the creation of nonprofit corporations pursuant to IRS Revenue Ruling 63‐20. Bond proceeds can then be used by private developers to finance and build transportation facilities.
Accommodation project.
An availability‐based or private finance initiative (PFI) model contract relating social infrastructure projects such as schools, hospitals, prisons, government offices, etc.
Angola model.
Construction of infrastructure projects in return for the right to extract natural resources.
Assumptions book.
A register of source data and assumptions for the financial model.
Availability contract.
A project agreement with a contracting authority under which it pays the project company for the right to use the project.
B loan.
Participation by a private sector lender in a loan made by a multilateral development finance institution (MDFI).
Banking case or Base case.
The projection of cash flow shortly before financial close, agreed between the project company and an offtaker or the contracting authority.
Bilateral DFI.
A development finance institution (DFI) in a particular country providing loans and equity to projects in developing countries.
Buyer credit.
An export credit agency‐supported loan to an importer of equipment for a project.
Capital grant.
Payment by a contracting authority of part of the capital cost of an availability based or other PFI‐model project. ...

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