“A Call to the Women of the United States,” 8

Act One of the Civil Rights Movement, 106

Adler, Isaac, 55


    public relations and, 24

    spending, 24

    television, 23

    tobacco, 53

Advocacy groups, 32, 55

Afro-American, 4

Age of Anxiety, The, 135

“Age of Enlightenment,” 134

American Anti-Tobacco Society, The, 55

American Cancer Society, 62

American Civil Rights Movement, 3, 37

    contemporary public relations techniques, 105–106

    King, Martin Luther, 105–113

    March on Washington, 108–111

    nonviolent Birmingham protest, 107–108

    Selma to Montgomery March, 111–112

“American dream,” 22–23

American economic system, 20

American Express credit card, 21

American Public Health Association, 60

American Society for the ...

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