Basics of ArcPy

Now that you have an understanding of Python syntax, you can start working with the ArcPy package. ArcPy is the Python package provided by ArcGIS to perform and automate geoprocessing and map production. In addition to the geoprocessing tools available in ArcGIS, ArcPy gives you access to additional modules, functions, and classes. When these are combined, you can create workflows and standalone tools that simplify and automate complex analysis and map production.

This chapter will cover:

  • Ensuring your Python environment is set up for ArcPy
  • Accessing environment settings in ArcPy
  • ArcPy tools and how to use them in ArcGIS Pro
  • Functions in ArcPy
  • ArcPy modules

To complete the exercises in this chapter, please download and unzip ...

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