Chapter 10. Printing Checks

In This Chapter

  • Getting your printer ready to print checks

  • Printing checks one at a time

  • Printing several checks at a time

  • Printing a register

This chapter covers the reductivity of the postcolonial implications in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Just kidding. It covers how to print checks and checking registers.

Printing checks in QuickBooks is quick — well, it's quick after you set up your printer correctly. If you have a continuous-feed printer, you know by now that these printers have problems printing anything on a form. The alignment always gets messed up.

QuickBooks has check forms that you can buy, and I recommend using them if you print checks. After all, the QuickBooks checks were made to work with this program. And all banks accept these checks.


If you want help with printing reports, check out Chapter 15, where I cover this topic in almost too much detail.

Getting the Printer Ready

Before you can start printing checks, you have to make sure that your printer is set up to print them. You also have to tell QuickBooks what to put on the checks: your company name, address, logo, and so on. And you might try running a few sample checks through the wringer to see whether they come out all right.

Follow these steps to set up the printer:

  1. Choose File

    Getting the Printer Ready

    After you choose this command, you see the Printer Setup dialog box, as shown in Figure 10-1.

    Figure 10.1. The ...

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