Above-ground antennas, height gain for, 68-69

Absorbing half-screen:

plane wave diffraction by, 113-22

evaluating Fresnel integration for y near   shadow boundary, 118-20

field in illuminated region y>0, 114-17

field in the shadow region y>0, 117-18

geometrical theory of diffraction, 118

uniform theory of diffraction, 120-22, 148

Absorbing screen, 107, 123

Aerated concrete, dielectric constants/conductivity for, 55

AirTouch Communication, 27

AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System), 3-4, 26

Antennas, 85-106

directive, 76

elevated base station, multipath observed at, 45-46

horn, 76-77

isotropic, 94

receiving, 90-95

spherical waves, radiation of, 86-90

Astigmatic rays, 129


Base stations:

and diversity receivers, 62

and penetration of signal, ...

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