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Nicolas Modrzyk, Reactive with ClojureScript Recipes, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-3009-1_4

4. Functional Reactive Programming with Reagent

Nicolas Modrzyk

(1)suginami, eifukucho, Karabiner Software suginami, eifukucho, Tokyo, Japan

Linear relationships can be captured with a straight line on a graph. Linear relationships are easy to think about… Linear equations are solvable… Linear systems have an important modular virtue: you can take them apart, and put them together again the pieces add up.

James Gleick (1987) Chaos: Making a New Science

We are finally coming to it. Functional reactive programming in the Web using Reagent. In the last chapter, we saw how smooth interaction with the host JavaScript platform was ...

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