Page numbers followed by f, t, and b refer to figures, tables, and boxes respectively.

Action (Level 3 of chain of impact):

about, 32–33

case study, 221, 222t

defining success at, 118f

designing for, 121 (See also Designing for action and impact (Step 5 of Phase 2))

desired results derived from, 179

measures of, 89

and ROI forecasting, 277, 278t

by type of marketing program, 35t

Action measures, 89

Action needs, 37, 89–91, 90b

Action objectives, 123t, 128–132

Activity performance (in FACTs framework), 75

Activity-based value, 14, 16–17

Administrative support (costs of), 228t, 230


and activity-based value, 16

and consumer marketing, 11

TV, 11, 284

US spending on, 7

Alignment (Step 1 of Phase 1), 59–82

and business needs, ...

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