Facility location problems, 249
Failure propagation, in multi-layer networks, 495, 534–535
Failure situations, 66, 105
arising from lower link failure, 527
basic mechanisms for protecting/restoring demand volumes against, 354
causing network blocking, 564
characterization of, 354–355
effect of severity on network performance, 562
in dynamic routing circuit-switched networks, 392
in lower layers of two-layer networks, 495, 515–524
in multilayered network design problems, 74
in restoration design problems, 66
with proportional fairness, 588, 603–604
in two-layer mixed restoration design with multi-hour traffic, 527–528
in WDM networks, 98
minimizing effects of lower-level failures on upper layer capacity, 560–561
partial link failures, 360 ...

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