P-Problem classes, 629–630
Packet delay minimization, 257
Packet dropping, minimizing, 13
Packet flows, in MPLS networks, 82
Packet networks
latency function for, 298
paradoxical behavior in, 264
shortest-path routing principle in, 253
Packet over SONET/SDH, 91, 661
Packet routing, 37
in MPLS networks, 82
Packet switching, 8
Packets, 8
re-routing around failures, 352–353
Packing factors, 16, 19
Pair-based multiplexing, 567
unneeded in SONET ring networks, 567
Paradoxical behavior, in packet networks, 264; See also Braess’ paradox
Pareto optimal situation, 295
Partial allocation flow vectors, in SAL solutions to shortest-path routing problems, 279
Partial allocation states, 174
Partial link failures, 360
vs. single total failures, 534
Partial ...

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