Appendix D. Answers to Review Questions

Answers to Chapter 1 Review Questions

1 What is the current version of EGP?

Answer: The current version of EGP is 2.

2 What is an EGP interior neighbor? An EGP exterior neighbor?

Answer: An EGP gateway’s neighbor is interior if it is within the same AS. An exterior neighbor is in a different AS.

3 What is the primary difference between an EGP stub gateway and an EGP core gateway?

Answer: Stub gateways can advertise only networks that are interior to their own AS. Core gateways can advertise both interior and exterior networks.

4 Why does EGP use the concept of a core, or backbone, AS?

Answer: EGP has no mechanisms for detecting loops. Therefore, a loop-free topology must be engineered physically so that ...

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