6. Submit and run the job.
7. Save the job.
Selecting a Load Technique in the Table Loader
You want to load data into a permanent physical table that is structured to match your
data model. As the designer or builder of a process flow in SAS Data Integration Studio,
you must identify which one of these load styles best meets your process requirements:
appending all of the source data to any previously loaded data
replacing all previously loaded data with the source data
using the source data to update and add to the previously loaded data that is based on
specific key columns
Once you know which load style is required, you can select the techniques and options
that maximize the step's performance.
Note: All table loaders have similar Load Technique tabs, but this example is specific
to the Table Loader Transformation. For specific instructions about other loaders, see
the Help topics for the other loaders.
You can use the Table Loader transformation to perform any of the three load styles.
The transformation generates the code that is required to load SAS data sets, database
tables, and other types of data, such as an Excel spreadsheet. When you load a table type
that supports indexing or constraints, you can use the Table Loader transformation to
manage indexes and constraints on the table.
You select the load style in the Load style field on the Load Technique tab of the Table
Loader transformation. After you have selected the load style, you can choose from a
number of load techniques and options. Based on the load style that you select and the
type of table that is being loaded, the choice of techniques and options can vary. The
Table Loader transformation generates code to perform a combination of the following
loading tasks:
“Remove All Rows” on page 429
“Add New Rows” on page 430
“Match and Update Rows” on page 431
The following sections describe the SAS code alternatives for each load task and provide
tips for selecting the load technique (or techniques) that performs best.
Remove All Rows
This task is associated with the Replace Load style. Based on the type of target table that
is being loaded, two or three of the following selections are listed in the Replace field:
Selecting a Load Technique in the Table Loader 429

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