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Chapter 6. Problem determination
This chapter provides guidance in carrying out problem determination with
NFS V4. It is beyond to the scope of this book to cover the possible problems, but
we will guide you through the thought process you should consider when trying to
debug NFS V4 problems.
We start by giving a brief introduction to the tools and aids available with AIX and
other third-party tools we have found useful. We then guide you through issues
that we encountered while writing the book and how we resolved them.
The sections covered in this chapter are as follows:
򐂰 Problem determination tools and techniques
򐂰 AIX problem determination tools and aids for NFS
򐂰 IBM NAS problem determination tools and aids
򐂰 IBM Tivoli Directory Server problem determination tools and aids
򐂰 Third-party problem determination tools and aids
򐂰 File system exports problem
򐂰 Mount problems
򐂰 Major GSS-API error codes
򐂰 Kerberos V5 status codes

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