Appendix B

About the Media

If you have a DVD drive, you can use code and tools included on the DVD. The DVD contains code and scripts referenced in the text of the book. It also contains a Virtual Machine based on the Ubuntu 6 Linux distribution, pre-loaded with various network security tools.

All the content is organized into subdirectories. Navigate into any subdirectory to read more about the contents. Some of the code or scripts require supporting libraries or other software that could not be included on the DVD. This is described in each folder.

In order to run, some of this code requires additional libraries that are not included. For example, the Perl code that interacts with the VMware hosts requires VMware's Perl SDK to be installed and available in your @INC path.

The DVD includes the following subdirectories:

  • ch02: Code from Chapter 2, including the “backdoored” gzip rpm and the “backdoored” openSSH-5.8p2 source code.
  • ch04: Code from Chapter 4, including the script and the vloud_dos.php script.
  • ch05: Contains the kvm_escape package used for the Chapter 5 Hands-on KVM escape. This includes some specifically crafted files from Nelson Elhage's original proof-of-concept exploit, as well as the vulnerable Ubuntu amd64 packages the exploit works against.
  • orchestrate_malware: Contains the script used in the hands-on demonstration in Chapter 7.
  • test_response: Contains the used in seven examples from Chapter 7 that describe provoking ...

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