Semantic Web Programming takes the Semantic Web directly and boldly into solving practical, real-world problems that flexibly deliver real value from our growing ability to access information and services from our laptop to the enterprise to the World Wide Web. The chapters form a solid, code-based path addressing information and service challenges. As the code examples build, we pragmatically explore the many technologies that form the Semantic Web, including the knowledge representations such as microformats, Resource Description Framework (RDF), RDF Schema (RDFS), the Web Ontology Language (OWL) including its latest release OWL 2 and Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL), Semantic Web programming frameworks such as Jena, and useful Semantic Web tools. We explore these technologies, not as ends in themselves but rather for their role and merits in solving real problems. Thus, your learning is based on results—the results that each technology brings to address your application challenges.

Semantic Web Programming benefits from our many years of experience in developing large-scale Semantic Web solutions, building Semantic Web tools, and contributing to the Semantic Web standards. We know this stuff! This background provides you with not only an understanding of this new powerful technology but the ability to apply it directly to your real-world application and information challenges.

Overview of the Book and Technology

The Semantic Web offers a powerful, practical approach ...

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