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M. Sadowski, L. FrantzellServerless Swifthttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5836-1_3

3. Apache OpenWhisk – Open Source Project

Marek Sadowski1  and Lennart Frantzell2
Walnut Creek, CA, USA
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Marek speaking: “Most of my 20+ year IT career has been with server-side Java. It started with Sun Microsystems’ Java when it was a new language used mostly in web page applets in 1995-97. Back in 1996 I started my Java adventure by writing one of the first server-side Java systems creating Web Forums dedicated to the Disaster Recovery in NTT in Japan. Since then plenty of new and old systems were built or migrated to server-side Java and eventually to the cloud.

We believe that the same development ...

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