Appendix A. Additional Resources

Many of the following resources were mentioned in the text; others provide additional options for digging deeper into the topics discussed in this book.

Log-synth Open Source Software

Log-synth is open source software that gives you a simple way to generate synthetic data shaped to the needs of your project. It can generate a wide variety of kinds of data and it’s fast and very flexible.

Please note that not only is log-synth open source, but it is open community as well—contributions are very welcome.

  • Log-synth on Github: Site includes software with various prepackaged samplers, extensions related to the fraud detection use case, and documentation.

  • Sample code for this book on Github: Sharing Data Safely: Managing Big Data Security, Chapters 5 and 6.

    Site includes the source code for the example from Chapter 5 about building sample relational data. Also included is source code that shows how to generate and analyze data for the single point of compromise fraud model described in Chapter 6.

  • “Realistic Fake Data” whiteboard walkthrough video by Ted Dunning:

Apache Drill and Drill SQL Views

Apache Drill is an open source, open community Apache project that provides a highly scalable, highly flexible SQL query engine for data stored in Apache Hadoop distributions, MongoDB, Apache HBase, MapR-DB, and more.

You’re invited to get active in the ...

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