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AAA, Security Requirements
access control
decision function (ADF), Security as a Service
enforcement function (AEF), Security as a Service
accounting, Security Requirements
ACID properties, Basic Data Services
activation services, Categorization according to Erl
ActiveBPEL, Using Business Process Modeling Tools
activities, Composed Services, BPM and SOA
activity, Glossary
actual process, Definition of Governance
adapter services, Composed Services for One Backend
ADF (access control decision function), Security as a Service
advanced ESB (enterprise service bus), Choosing the Right Architecture Model
AEF (access control enforcement function), Security as a Service
AES, Security with XML and Web Services
agent, SOA Terminology, Does SOA Replace OOP?
agile programming, Is SOA Something New?
business IT, Acknowledgments, BPM and SOA
domain/IT, Logical Architecture Models
analysis paralysis, Heterogeneous Data Types
ESB, Protocol-Driven Versus API-Driven ESB
with Web Services, Protocol Aspects
APIs, versus protocols, Dealing with Different MEP Layers
application services, Categorization according to Erl
approaches, to SOA, Is SOA Something New?
architecture, ...

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