Using old-style (open source) plugins

To start off, let's take a look at old-style plugins. So what are they?

  • They are a way of adding extensions or functionality to open-source SoapUI.
  • They typically create/configure new SoapUI framework elements, for example, Models, Actions, Events, Listeners, and Factories (more on those later).
  • They are written in Java or compiled in Groovy.
  • They are packaged and deployed as JAR files.
  • There are currently six example plugins available for download, for example, Email TestStep, Groovy Console, Programmable Web, RAML, Runscope, and Swagger plugins.

Why are they called old-style?

The following are the reasons:

  • SoapUI pro/SoapUI NG has a newer plugin framework (see the Plugin Manager recipe for more information)
  • The new ...

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