Table of Contents


About This Book

Foolish Assumptions

Conventions Used in This Book

How This Book Is Organized

Part I: Welcome to the World of Social CRM

Part II: Building Your Social CRM Strategy

Part III: Developing a Social and Collaborative Business

Part IV: Measuring the Impact of Social CRM

Part V: The Part of Tens

Icons Used in This Book

Where to Go from Here

Part I: Welcome to the World of Social CRM

Chapter 1: Implementing the New Social Business

Accepting the New Social Change

Defending the business side of social media

Understanding the personal side of social media

Defining the business side of social media

Connecting CRM History to Today

Traveling dirt roads to the computer screen

Welcoming the power of computing

Crafting the CRM Definition and Philosophy

Optimizing customer relationships

Predicting the future of CRM

Chapter 2: Meeting the New Kid on the Block: Social CRM

Defining Social CRM

Using social media for CRM

Accepting multi-way communication

Moving from brand speak to real conversations

Discovering the Social CRM Fundamentals

Focusing on community building

Giving influence to your customers

Collaborating with customers

Understanding the Differences in Social and Traditional CRM

Shifting from selling to relationship building

Everything social is public

Defining new metrics of success

Aiming for customer engagement

Recognizing the Benefits of Social CRM

Increasing customer retention

Generating leads

Converting leads into customers

Reducing ...

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