11.4. Asynchronous I/O

Asynchronous I/O interfaces have been available in Solaris for some time. A specific set of interfaces in the Solaris libraries provides a means by which applications can issue I/O requests and not have to block or cease working until the I/O has completed. (Don't confuse that behavior with the behavior of an I/O request if the file data integrity flags are not set in the file descriptor. See “Data Integrity and Synchronization Flags”.)

Two sets of interfaces do asynchronous I/O in Solaris: the aioread(3) and aiowrite(3) routines; and the POSIX-equivalent routines, aio_read(3R) and aio_write(3R), which are based on the POSIX standards for real-time extensions. Real-time applications must, by definition, deal with an unpredictable ...

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