Chapter 2. Navigating the SolidWorks Interface


  • Identifying elements of the SolidWorks interface

  • Making the interface work for you

  • Tutorial: Getting to know the interface

In this chapter, you learn how to effectively identify, use, and customize the various aspects of the SolidWorks 2009 interface. In the 2008 release, Solidworks made some drastic changes to the interface. If you are familiar with older versions of the software, you may want to take a moment to acquaint yourself with some of the changes.

The interface changes in 2009 intend primarily to clean up the work area. With each release, the software provides more features and functions, and the previous interface scheme could not accommodate the space required for all these functions. The new interface scheme attempts to put the tools you need where you need them, when you need them.

Some of the changes are controversial, so in this chapter I present options for people who like to work differently from the way assumed by the new changes.

Settings control many aspects of the SolidWorks interface. These settings are covered in detail in Appendix B. Each interface element that is identified in Figure 2.1 is explained in greater detail in its own section of this chapter.

Once you have mastered the various interface elements and customized your SolidWorks installation, working with the software becomes much more efficient and satisfying. You may find that you can only master the interface with a lot of experience. The ...

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