8 Hair and Wigs

Key Points

  • Types and varieties of hair
  • Tools and materials for postiche boardwork
  • Wigs
  • Hair attachment
  • Laid-on hair
  • Ventilating hair
  • Punching hair


When the book Wig Making and Styling: A Complete Guide for Theatre & Film was first released in 2010 (Focal Press), written by Martha Ruskai and Allison Lowery, I considered having only these words for Chapter 8: See Martha and Allison’s book. It needs to be in every makeup artist’s reference library. Now that they’re a few editions in, that’s truer than ever, even if hair isn’t your thing. Having and knowing the information makes you more valuable to your makeup team whether or not you are a practitioner. Keep that in mind.

Numerous wonderful sources of in-depth ...

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