Chapter 5. Type-Safe JDBC Programming with Querydsl SQL

Using JDBC is a popular choice for working with a relational database. Most of Spring’s JDBC support is provided in the spring-jdbc module of the Spring Framework itself. A good guide for this JDBC support is Just Spring Data Access by Madhusudhan Konda [Konda12]. The Spring Data JDBC Extensions subproject of the Spring Data project does, however, provide some additional features that can be quite useful. That’s what we will cover in this chapter. We will look at some recent developments around type-safe querying using Querydsl.

In addition to the Querydsl support, the Spring Data JDBC Extensions subproject contains some database-specific support like connection failover, message queuing, and improved stored procedure support for the Oracle database. These features are limited to the Oracle database and are not of general interest, so we won’t be covering them in this book. The Spring Data JDBC Extensions subproject does come with a detailed reference guide that covers these features if you are interested in exploring them further.

The Sample Project and Setup

We have been using strings to define database queries in our Java programs for a long time, and as mentioned earlier this can be quite error-prone. Column or table names can change. We might add a column or change the type of an existing one. We are used to doing similar refactoring for our Java classes in our Java IDEs, and the IDE will guide us so we can find any references ...

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