Chapter 13

Selling Like (Burning Hot) Hotcakes: Listing Your Items

In This Chapter

arrow Listing an item

arrow Modifying a listing

arrow Duplicating a listing

arrow Relisting an item

arrow Removing a listing

arrow Tidying up your Etsy shop

Fish gotta swim. Birds gotta fly. Camels gotta spit. And an Etsy seller . . . well, she’s gotta sell. The first step to selling on Etsy — after setting up your Etsy store (and crafting the piece you want to sell) — is to create an item listing.

Simply put, an item listing is a page in your Etsy store that contains information about an item you have for sale. This item listing contains an item title and description, a list of materials you used to create your piece, a category and tags to help buyers find your item, images of your piece (you can include as many as five), pricing information, shipping details, and more.

In Chapter 11, you discover how to photograph your items. Chapter ...

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