Chapter 9 Phase 2: Re-energise

Now we have taken the time to stop, step back and breathe, we can start to rebuild our energy reserves. How we do this is not by getting straight back into hectic activity. Maintaining a slower pace through the re-energise phase will ensure the benefits are more profound and longer lasting. If we look at the way a house is built, much initial time and effort are allocated to laying the foundations. It is an overused analogy but a relevant one here: build the foundations well and you will have a solid base on which to build. The same applies to re-energising yourself. Take the time to switch off and you will have a base from which to start to move forward with habits that serve you well.



Thoughts, feelings and insights have always been shared through the power of storytelling. Passed down orally from generation to generation, stories have shown us how the world works and pointed to what is yet to come. Stories, passed on orally, through images and the written word, continue to be a powerful form of communication. Bloggers share with the online community their thoughts and ideas on everything from potting seedlings to fixing a printer to making sense of how the universe works. We are swamped with so much information that we often feel overwhelmed. And the online community continues to expand every day. I won't even attempt to calculate ...

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