Appendix D

Design Review Checklist

The subject of “Design Review” is introduced and covered rather extensively in Chapter 5. This chapter provides the major guidelines for conducting both the informal day-to-day reviews and the more formalized reviews of the design at designated periods throughout the overall system design and development process. The purpose is to ensure that the design, at any particular point in the system life cycle, is in full compliance with the initially specified requirements.

The conductance of any given design review is often facilitated through the development of one or more tailored “Checklists.” These checklists usually include questions pertaining to the required characteristics that should be “built-in” (inherent) and included within a given system configuration. For example, in the early stages of system development, one might ask whether a feasibility analysis or a functional analysis has been accomplished? Later, when reviewing the detailed characteristics of design, one might ask questions pertaining to the incorporation of accessibility provisions or standardization requirements in the design? Or, have all software requirements been identified? And so on!

The purpose of this appendix is to provide some typical questions that may be pertinent to your particular design. Included (see the designated website below) are 359 detailed questions, grouped within 43 different categories. While there may be many different questions related to your ...

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