Page references followed by e indicate an exhibit.

actions. See cultural actions/interventions

Aetna, 16, 98–100

Affordable Care Act, 98

agrochemical and agricultural biotech organization, 131–133

AILs (authentic informal leaders)

codesigning guardrails with, 126

codesigning interventions with your, 121–123

defining and recognizing, 96–100

description and special role of, 94–95

differences between traditional change ambassadors and, 89, 95, 96–100, 120

different types of, 101–102

“emotional intuition” or social connectedness of, 18

General Motors’ “Fritz’s 50” as, 93–94

how Mark Bertolini actively engaged Aetna’s, 98–100

how to engage and get the most out of, 109

“How to Find and Engage Authentic Informal Leaders” (strategy+business blog ...

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