Page references followed by italic t indicate material in tables.


accounting and budgeting, 4, 8

changes and additions to Volume 1 data models, 13t, 14t

e-commerce data model, 396t, 426

financial services data model, 251t, 299300

health care data model, 130t, 162164

insurance data model, 175t, 240

manufacturing data model, 6668

professional services data model, 312t, 347348

telecommunications data model, 79t, 120121

travel data model, 356t, 383386

accounting firms, 309

administrative assistance contracting firms, 309

AGENT, manufacturing data model, 3132

agreements, 4

changes and additions to Volume 1 data models, 11t

financial services, 276279

health care, 145147

insurance, 213227

professional services, 338340

travel, 376378

AIRLINE, travel data model, 357359

airlines, 353

alternative medicine providers, 127

ambulatory surgery facilities, 127


manufacturing data model, 3132

professional services data model, 311, 313314

telecommunications data model, 8082, 9398

association entity, 21

attributes, 1718

naming conventions, 18t

AUTOMATED AGENT, e–commerce data model, 397399

automated agents, 398399


banks, 247

BENEFICIARY, insurance data model, 176180

BILLING AGENT, telecommunications data model, 8082

BILLING AGENT RELATIONSHIP, telecommunications data model, 8082

bill of materials, 4446

BILL TO CLIENT, professional services data model, 311, 313314

BILL TO CUSTOMER, manufacturing data model, 3132

brokerage services, 247

budgeting. See

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