SixNegotiating with Allies and Adversaries

We need the support of other people to realize our vision, and they need us. Our wish is that our users, our suppliers, our subordinates, and our bosses will all be aligned with our vision. This chapter explores how to deal with our interdependence and the fact that life is never so simple. Having created the vision our task is to walk the tightrope between being strong advocates for our beliefs and not terminally alienating others in the process. We want to be empowered but not at others' expense. We do this by choosing to live the entrepreneurial cycle.

The difficult part is to be an advocate for the interests of our function in a way that affirms our commitment to be of service, to contribute, and at the same time to treat others with compassion and acknowledgement. In other words––our enlightened self-interest. We want to win, but not by any means. Remember Allan? His vision of creating an entrepreneurial division in his pharmaceutical company was both strategic and lofty; his aggressive and at times disdainful way of dealing with those above him ultimately led to his downfall.

What is critical is both to have the vision and to negotiate our projects in a positive way. Being right is not enough. We approach each encounter knowing that the way we deal with others, both on our side and not, is decisive in creating an organization of our own choosing.

The Critical Skills: Negotiating Agreement and Negotiating Trust

Those whom we need ...

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