Chapter 29
The Next Day
George huffed and puffed as he sprinted the last few blocks to the bus stop. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t heard his alarm go off. He had stayed at the office till 3 A.M. with José and Michael trying to get caught up, so he hadn’t gotten much sleep. It was Thursday and with one day before the biggest presentation of his life he needed to talk with Joy and Jack more now than ever. As the bus was pulling away from the stop George ran up alongside it and banged on the window trying to get someone’s attention, anyone’s attention, but no one heard him and the bus took off.
George went back to the bench and sat down feeling tired and dejected. Now, he wouldn’t get to tell them about his incredible day yesterday and how his team had responded unbelievably to his enthusiasm. He wanted to tell them about how he had held a team meeting and had talked about what it meant to be a Chief Energy Officer.
He had met with José and had told him he was giving him a raise if he didn’t get fired, and more importantly George had told him that no matter what, he would always be there as a mentor and resource for José. He shared the love with all his team and he could tell they felt it. The team was energized, the ideas were flowing, and they had accomplished more in one day then they had all month.
George’s only concern was that more people hadn’t worked late with him. Tonight ...

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