The Science Museum, London, England

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A National Treasure

The Science Museum in London opened its doors in 1857, and is the oldest member of Britain’s family of science and industry museums (the others are the Science Museum in Swindon, Chapter 76; the National Railway Museum, Chapter 60; and the National Media Museum). Its collection of historical artifacts is simply outstanding, and it’s free. It’s also right next door to the Natural History Museum (Chapter 61) and the Victoria and Albert Museum (where non-scientists can cool their heels while exploring its collection of art and design).

There are many famous objects on display at the Science Museum, including Stephenson’s Rocket, the first atomic clock, the command module from Apollo 10, and Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine. The ground floor is home to three exhibitions: Making the Modern World, the Energy Hall, and Exploring Space.

The Making the Modern World section has many ...

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