24Searching for Bobby Fisher

In the movie The Sting starring Paul Newman, the gambling phrase “betting past the post” was made famous. The term, refers to betting on the winning horse after the winner of the race was already known. It's easy to place a winning bet when you know the future for certain. Of course nobody has a crystal ball. One can, however, forward think.

Hopefully, this book has provided a roadmap from which to explore that journey. One thing is for certain. The coronavirus crisis is a pandemic that is happening on top of a worldwide debt epidemic that will change the social mindset moving forward. While completely unexpected, it was right on time.

This book was initially completed prior to the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis. It's predictions were memorialized on August 14, 2019, at my annual Gold Summit. This book has been based on that 90-minute presentation. I called that presentation The Great Devaluation. At that time, I presented the following slide show where I likened the coming monetary reset to “playing chess against a master and making a mistake—it's then only a matter of moves before checkmate.” Anyone wishing to see that presentation can view it at www.goldisabetterway.com.

A slide depicting the game of chess - Gold versus the Dollar -  representing the great economic revaluation and a look at the future.

Figure 24.1

The next side depicting the First Move, which represents the end of business cycle, financial assets struggle, and valuations too high.

Figure 24.2

Figure 24.3

Figure 24.4

Figure 24.5

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