3PL (third-party logistics), 137

benefits of, 142-143

Green Savings, 144-145

Lean Savings, 143-144

multimodal, 138

network optimization, 139-142

OSS (onsite supplier), 138-139


ABC analysis, 147-148

ABCDE classification of inventory, 147-149

central stocking, 152-157

Green Savings, 157

Lean Savings, 157

Green Savings, 150

Lean Savings, 149-150

substitution program, 150-151

Green Savings, 152

Lean Savings, 151-152

accounting controls, benefits of ERP (Enterprise Resource Programs), 130-131

adaptive forecasting, 347

Advance Ship Notice (ASN), 15, 19

EDI savings, 20-22

TMS (Transportation Management System), 90

advanced order fulfillment system technologies, batch order summary sheets, 219-222

advanced planning, forecast programs, ...

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